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Chandler-Misener Award

The Chandler-Misener Award is presented annually to the author(s) of the peer-reviewed paper in the current volume of the Journal of Great Lakes Research judged to be "most notable." Papers are evaluated on the basis of originality, contribution and presentation. Established in 1974, the award honors D.C. Chandler and A.D. Misener, IAGLR's first presidents.

Previous Winners

2014 Mary T. Negus, Joel C. Hoffman
Habitat and diet differentiation by two strains of rainbow trout in Lake Superior based on archival tags, stable isotopes, and bioenergetics
J. Great Lakes Res. 39(4): 578-590. 2013
2013 Haejin Han, J. David Allan, and Nathan S. Bosch
Historical phosphorus loading to Lake Erie watersheds
J. Great Lakes Res. 38(2): 289-298. 2012
2012 Jonathan Czuba, James Best, Kevin Oberg, Daniel Parsons, P. Ryan Jackson, Marcelo Garcia and Peter Ashmore
Bed morphology, flow structure, and sediment transport at the outlet of Lake Huron and in the upper St. Clair River
J. Great Lakes Res. 37(3):480-493. 2011
2011 W. Charles Kerfoot, Foad Yousef, Sarah A. Green, Judith W. Budd, David J. Schwab, and Henry A. Vanderploeg
Approaching storm: Disappearing winter bloom in Lake Michigan
J. Great Lakes Res. 36 (Suppl. 3): 30-41. 2010
2010 Steven C. Chapra, Alice Dove and David C. Rockwell
Great Lakes Chloride Trends: Long-term Mass Balance and Loading Analysis
J. Great Lakes Res. 35(2):272-284. 2009
2009 Thomas H. Johengen, Bopaiah A. Biddanda and James B. Cotner
Stimulation of Lake Michigan Plankton Metabolism by Sediment Resuspension and River Runoff
J. Great Lakes Res. 34(2):213-227. 2008
2008 Dmitry Beletsky, Doran M. Mason, David J. Schwab, Edward S. Rutherford, John Janssen, David F. Clapp and John M. Dettmers
Biophysical Model of Larval Yellow Perch Advection and Settlement in Lake Michigan
J. Great Lakes Res. 33(4):842-866. 2007
2007 Robert Shuchman, Anton Korosov, Charles Hatt, Dmitry Pozdnyakov, Jay Means and Guy Meadows
Verification and Application of a Bio-optical Algorithm for Lake Michigan Using SeaWiFS: a 7-year Inter-annual Analysis
J. Great Lakes Res. 32(2):258-279.
2006 Bradley M. Herrick and Amy T. Wolf
Invasive Plant Species in Diked vs. Undiked Great Lakes Wetlands
J. Great Lakes Res. 31(3):277-287. 2005
2005 John C. Brazner, Steven E. Campana, Danny K. Tanner and Stephen T. Schram
Reconstructing Habitat Use and Wetland Nursery Origin of Yellow Perch from Lake Superior using Otolith Elemental Analysis
J. Great Lakes Res. 30(4):492-507. 2004
2004 Troy L. Holcombe, Lisa A. Taylor, David F. Reid, John S. Warren, Peter A. Vincent and Charles E. Herdendorf
Revised Lake Erie Postglacial Lake Level History Based on New Detailed Bathymetry
J. Great Lakes Res. 29(4):681-704. 2003
2003 John T. Lehman
Mixing Patterns and Plankton Biomass of the St. Lawrence Great Lakes under Climate Change Scenarios
J. Great Lakes Res. 28(4):583-596. 2002
2002 Ronald Dermott
Sudden Disappearance of the Amphipod Diporeia from Eastern Lake Ontario, 1993-1995
J. Great Lakes Res. 27(4):423-433. 2001
2001 Joseph C. Makarewicz, Paul Bertram and Theodore W. Lewis
Chemistry of the Offshore Surface Waters of Lake Erie: Pre- and Post-Dreissena Introduction (1983-1993)
J. Great Lakes Res. 26(1):82-93. 2000
2000 Annette Hofmann and Montserrat Filella
Transport of Suspended Matter in the Hypolimnion of Lake Lugano: a Comparison of Field Observations and Model Predictions
J. Great Lakes Res. 25(4):865-882. 1999
1999 Michael R. Twiss and Peter G.C. Campbell
Scavenging of 137Cs, 109Cd, 65Zn, and 153Gd by Plankton of the Microbial Food Web in Pelagic Lake Erie Surface Waters
J. Great Lakes Res. 24(4):776-790. 1998
1998 Troy L. Holcombe, John S. Warren, Lisa A. Taylor, David F. Reid and Charles E. Herdendorf
Lakefloor Geomorphology of Western Lake Erie
J. Great Lakes Res. 23(2):190-201. 1997
1997 Thomas F. Nalepa, David J. Hartson, Gerald W. Gostenik, David L. Fanslow and Gregory A. Lang
Changes in the Freshwater Mussel Community of Lake St. Clair: from Unionidae to Dreissena polymorpha in Eight Years
J. Great Lakes Res. 22(2):354-369. 1996
1995 Steven M. Colman, Richard M. Forester, Richard L. Reynolds, Donald S. Sweetkind, John W. King, Paul Gangemi, Glenn A. Jones, Lloyd D. Keigwin and David S. Foster
Lake-Level History of Lake Michigan for the Past 12,000 Years: The Record From Deep Lacustrine Sediments
J. Great Lakes Res. 20(1):73-92. 1994
1994 Russell W. Brown, William W. Taylor and Raymond A. Assel
Factors Affecting the Recruitment of Lake Whitefish in Two Areas of Northern Lake Michigan
J. Great Lakes Res. 19(2):418-428. 1993
1993 Asit Mazumder, David R. S. Lean and William D. Taylor
Dominance Of Small Filter Feeding Zooplankton In The Lake Ontario Foodweb
J. Great Lakes Res. 18(3):456-466. 1992
1992 Robert P. Bukata, John H. Jerome, Kirill Ya. Kondratyev and Dimitry V. Pozdnyakov
Satellite Monitoring Of Optically-Active Components Of Inland Waters: An Essential Input To Regional Climate Change Impact Studies
J. Great Lakes Res. 17(4):470-478.
1992 Robert P. Bukata, John H. Jerome, Kirill Ya. Kondratyev and Dimitry V. Pozdnyakov
Estimation Of Organic And Inorganic Matter In Inland Waters: Optical Cross Sections Of Lakes Ontario And Ladoga
J. Great Lakes Res. 17(4):461-469.
1991 Paul D. Capel and Steven J. Eisenreich
Relationship Between Chlorinated Hydrocarbons And Organic Carbon In Sediment And Porewater
J. Great Lakes Res. 16(2):245-257. 1990
1990 Donald Mackay
Modeling The Long-Term Behavior Of An Organic Contaminant In A Large Lake: Application To Pcbs In Lake Ontario
J. Great Lakes Res. 15(2):283-297. 1989
1989 Kenton M. Stewart
Tracing Inflows In A Physical Model Of Lake Constance
J. Great Lakes Res. 14(4):466-478. 1988
1988 Donald Scavia and Gary L. Fahnenstiel
Dynamics Of Lake Michigan Phytoplankton: Mechanisms Controlling Epilimnetic Communities
J. Great Lakes Res. 13(2):103-120. 1987
1987 James W. Peck
Dynamics Of Reproduction By Hatchery Lake Trout On A Man-Made Spawning Reef
J. Great Lakes Res. 12(4):293-303. 1986
1986 Fernando Rosa
Sedimentation And Sediment Resuspension In Lake Ontario
J. Great Lakes Res. 11(1):13-25. 1985
1985 Brian J. Eadie, Richard L. Chambers, Wayne S. Gardner and Gerald L. Bell
Sediment Trap Studies In Lake Michigan: Resuspension And Chemical Fluxes In The Southern Basin
J. Great Lakes Res. 10(3):307-321. 1984
1984 Robert V. Thomann and Dominic M. Di Toro
Physico-Chemical Model Of Toxic Substances In The Great Lakes
J. Great Lakes Res. 9(4):474-496. 1983
1983 Sharon C. Czaika
Identification Of Nauplii N1-N6 And Copepodids CI-CVI Of The Great Lakes Calanoid And Cyclopoid Copepods (Calanoida, Cyclopoida, Copepoda)
J. Great Lakes Res. 8(3):439-469. 1982
1982 Joseph V. DePinto, Thomas C. Young and Scott C. Martin
Algal-Available Phosphorus In Suspended Sediments From Lower Great Lakes Tributaries
J. Great Lakes Res. 7(3):311-325. 1981
1981 F. M. Boyce, F. Chiocchio, B. Eid, F. Penicka and F. Rosa
Hypolimnion Flow Between The Central And Eastern Basins Of Lake Erie During 1977 (Interbasin Hypolimnion Flows)
J. Great Lakes Res. 6(4):290-306. 1980
1980 John R. M. Kelso and Gary S. Milburn
Entrainment And Impingement Of Fish By Power Plants In The Great Lakes Which Use The Once-Through Cooling Process
J. Great Lakes Res. 5(2):182-194. 1979
1979 M. Munawar, I. F. Munawar, L. R. Culp and G. Dupuis
Relative Importance Of Nannoplankton In Lake Superior Phytoplankton Biomass And Community Metabolism
J. Great Lakes Res. 4(3-4):462-480. 1978
1978 Robert V. Thomann, Richard P. Winfield and Daniel S. Szumski
Estimated Responses Of Lake Ontario Phytoplankton Biomass To Varying Nutrient Levels
J. Great Lakes Res. 3(1-2):123-131. 1977
1977 T.J. Murphy and P.V. Doskey
Inputs Of Phosphorus From Precipitation To Lake Michigan
J. Great Lakes Res. 2(1):60-70. 1976
1976 G. T. Csanady
Circulation, Diffusion And Frontal Dynamics In The Coastal Zone
J. Great Lakes Res. 1(1):18-32. 1975
1975 Dominic M. DiToro
Vertical Interactions in the Phytoplankton Populations as an Eigenvalue Analysis
J. Great Lakes Res. Proc. 17th Conf. Great Lakes Res. Part 1: 17-27 1974
1974 T. Joseph Simons
Comparison of Observed and Computed Currents in Lake Ontario during Hurricane Agnes
J. Great Lakes Res. Proc. 16th Conf. Great Lakes Res. 831-844. 1973
1973 T. Joseph Simons
Development of Numerical Models of Lake Ontario: Part 2
J. Great Lakes Res. Proc. 15th Conf. Great Lakes Res. 655-672. 1972
1972 Hugh H. Dobson Michael Gilbertson
Oxygen Depletion in the Hypolimnion of the Central Basin of Lake Erie
J. Great Lakes Res. Proc. 14th Conf. Great Lakes Res. 831-844. 1971